This is Water

They say uncertainty is the driving force of America, maybe humanity. Fear is only a hinderance. We have to learn how to fly without wind underneath our wings. We can’t look back, only forwards for memories can be a hinderance too. Work to engrain the lessons you have learned from your mistakes in you so they are a permanent part of yourself. It is no good keeping memories inside your head- you must engrain them in your heart.

Accept the motions of the earth but never be satisfied with the first revolving layer. Generation after generation, we’ve made it harder for us to obtain the truth. We burry it deeper and deeper within our existence, the ultimate treasure at the core of the knot which some of us spend our entire lifetimes attempting to unravel.

After you have come to realize the majestic responsibility of your existence, do not fear it; rather accept it with open arms. Embrace the mystery. Don’t let it get you down for you are here whether you like it or not, so you better make the best of it. Only when you realize it’s practically beyond our human comprehension to unravel the mystery and unlock the code, can you feel this deep and utter sense of belonging.

The aesthetic details that compose our lives are here for a reason. Accept everything you come across as a sign and everyone you meet along the way as a teacher. Our lives are a symphony composed of major and minor chords. You are the pianist. You can choose to hold down the pedal and allow life to reverberate beyond your control and continue on in a sazuki-like manner, or you can struggle playing from the predetermined music on the page. Compose your own music. Sing your own song. As if you only got a chance for one successful hit single.

It’s the kind of success that’s NOT dependent on other people; it’s the kind of success that’s dependent on yourself. The only thing you can control in your life is how you think. We have incredible power and freedom to construct our lives the way we would like. You can let a crying baby annoy you or you can let a crying baby enlighten you. It’s your choice. Take advantage of your blank canvas and paint it with your own spectrum.

A force put us here and a force will take us out with the same force that we have the power to live our lives by. Life’s a flow. The “point a to point b” approach is an insignificant myth that has blurred our vision. The beauty of our lives is not only within the light at the end of the tunnel vacation we’ve been looking forward to for months but also the traffic light that won’t seem to turn green or the drunk man on the subway asking for change. The beauty is all around us. It’s the gum on the back if your shoe, the callous on your hand, or the frizz in your hair.

It is beyond what is comprehendible to the human race to attempt to define what is larger than ourselves. We don’t know and we might never know. All we can be certain of is ourselves. If our life is all we know, we might as well live it deliberately.


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