Go do. Go drop everything you have going for you and do something completely out of the ordinary for yourself. Think about your life for a moment. Give it more than a couple seconds; really think. Close your eyes and focus only on your heartbeat. Do you feel uneasy? Restrained? If you feel like something is in the least bit wrong, stop. Are you really doing exactly what you want to be doing in this moment? Or do you feel like you will be happy eventually because this moment exists purely to lead you to that moment, moments down the road, when you will finally achieve someone else’s version of success?

It’s a common dilemma; a pretty serious one if you ask me. It’s one that makes us millennials feel the need to constantly question who we are, as if who we once were is hiding somewhere in our old facebook albums. Our generation tends to work in spurts; we have spurts of energy, spurts of motivation, of inspiration, of happiness. Very rarely do we feel a consistent sense of these various spurts internally.

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