“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” -Pablo Picasso

I entered NYU as a Fine Arts major but once I transferred schools within NYU, I stopped painting. I thought it was more “productive” to follow a more academic track. Recently, my life has seemed a bit dull. I’ve realized that I miss creating – I simply am a person who craves vibrancy, color and creation. I’ve been inspired to start painting again because it’s feels natural and Allyson Grey of CosM is mentoring me through the process!

Below are some of the things I last painted (almost 3 years ago…). More RECENT works coming soon… promise!

Self-Portrait. Oil. Fall 08.

Sold at an art auction on May 3, 2009 to Ellen McGrath, PhD.

Watercolor and Ink. Fall 08.

Photography, Rugby and Rings. Ballpoint pen. Fall 08.

Jenn. Ink. Fall 08.

Dragonfly. Cardboard. Body, head, and wings were each made from one piece of cardboard. Fall 08.


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